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Four Types Of Flexible Conduit And Their Uses

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Conduits are tubings used to enclose and protect electrical wires that supply power to a home or a building. Conduits may either be flexible or rigid and are made out of various materials. Many homeowners who prefer to go the DIY route with the installation of wires in their home prefer using a flexible conduit over metal and plastic conduits because this type of conduit eliminates the need for bending. However, when it comes to protection, a rigid conduit will fare better than a flexible conduit.

If you are installing wires in your home and if you are considering the use of flexible conduits, it is worthwhile to know the different types you can choose from.

Flexible metallic tubings  are probably the most popular flexible conduits among DIYers because these can be easily bent and can pass through walls effortlessly. However, due to their lack of waterproof protecting jackets, they are not suitable for areas which are prone to moisture.

Liquid tight flexible metal conduits are used to cover cables which need both flexibility and protection from moisture. This conduit has a waterproof jacket which means that it can be used in a variety of applications, including those that involve exposure to hazardous areas.

Liquid Tight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit, made of thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with smooth inside and outside surface. The material is compliant with RoHS requirement and featured to resist UV, age and oil. The whole size range is certified by UL laboratory according to UL 1660 standard. A reinforce member is embedded in the conduit wall to offer the performance of self-support and crush resistance. This series of flexible conduit is qualified to meet with the wiring demand of NEC electric code and in light weight.

PVC coated flexible metal conduit, consists of galvanized steel square-lock flexible conduit and PVC waterproof jacket which features with high mechanical characteristics, watertight, fire retardant and corrosion resistant for wire and cable protection. Full range of conduit size complies with the system normally used in Asia market and with excellent flexibility. All materials are compliant with RoHS standard. This series of product complies with IEC 61386 standard and has been developed with 3 classified levels, Light, Medium & Heavy, to satisfy different requirements; no matter that are industrial areas with complex and severe environment conditions, railway system demanding high safety & reliability or the commercial applications that always expect good durability and more.

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