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The Benefits Of Channel Support Systems

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Channel support systems, also known as channel struts, struts, Unistrut, metal framing hardware and construction struts, are a widely used product within the mechanical/electrical industry and are designed to support lightweight structures, including wiring and plumbing. However, these can also be used to both create and support an endless variety of structures, such as shelving, cable tray supports and rooftop walkways.

Some other strut applications include ceiling support grids, storage racks, equipment and tooling support, pipe support, and much more. The main benefit of channel support systems is that one system provides the flexibility of building various structures.

Channel struts require zero welding and zero drilling. These systems are versatile, reusable, easy-to-use and reliable, thus the perfect solution for various projects and requirements. At Speedy Fixings, we have available a comprehensive range of heavy-duty and light-duty struts, clamps, fittings and other strut accessories.

Our struts are available as plain or slotted. Plain strut channels have no fixing slots and are ideal for a clean finish, while slotted strut channels feature hole slots to easily attach fittings, hardware, brackets and different channel styles. We also have back to back plain strut channels and back to back slotted strut channels. The sections come in 21mm, 41mm deep options.

We stock a variety of strut fittings and accessories, including strut channel bracketry, strut cantilever arms, strut channel nuts, strut channel hanging fittings and strut clamps. These are used to connect various pieces of strut to create different strut channel configurations. For instance, flat corner brackets can be used to connect strut channel systems together to create longer pieces or to reinforce strut joints for added stability.

Whether you need a couple of standard channel strut systems and strut fittings or require bespoke channel struts for a special project, our team will be able to help. Get in touch with our team today via phone on 0086 18058129110 or via email at info@hanysen.net .

We are a company specialized in providing comprehensive services in all processes and activities related to the construction of buildings. We are committed to providing our clients with a solution to their needs in a dynamic, suitable, efficient and effective way, anticipating the safety and benefit of our users.



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