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Pipe supports - essentials and considerations

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Pipe supports are a critical component to safe and effective piping system engineering.

Much like other pipe components, implementing supports during design and system implementation can help to significantly reduce costs and ease the installation of any required supports.

This guide will provide a foundational overview of pipe support functions, critical pipe support roles, standards and codes, and standard pipe support designs to help you better understand this complex yet critical topic.


The term pipe supports can often refer to two different types of components: supports and restraints.

However, both product types are essential for safe long-term operation and are effectively both classified under the single umbrella of pipe support systems.

Supports typically help to shoulder and distribute loads across the system in a manner that allows for safe operation and helps to tie the piping system into structural elements for increased safety and support for all parts of the piping process.

In most cases, these objects help minimize and carry the impact of vertical loads.

Restraints work alongside supports, helping to limit movement and ensure that pipes remain positioned within a tolerance determined in the system engineering specifications.

Typically, they help to minimize and carry the impact of horizontal loads.


Pipe supports can make the difference between safe operation and complete systems failure—especially in emergencies or moments of non-standard operation.

A well-designed pipe support system will ensure everything remains within tolerance if pipe loads surge, structures shift, or temperatures change drastically.

They can also help to support or trigger overflows and other fail-safes to mitigate the affecting condition and return the system to normal operation as quickly as possible and with minimal risk to both piping systems and operational staff.

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